About AJYAL Space Program

AJYAL Space program - one of the most important programs at Saudi Space Commission (SSC), is concerned with the development of human capital in the Space Sector. The focus of the program is to explore and expand the horizons of scientific learning and research in STEM sciences and innovation, aiming at its core to enable emerging generations to become pioneers in the development and use of space technologies and applications.

Our Vision

To inspire the youth of Saudi Arabia to be pioneers in space matters

Our Mission

To encourage current and future generation to participate in leading initiatives that stimulate innovation in the space sector

Our Values

  • Inspirational

    Spark passion for space across all age groups through exceptional capacity building initiatives

  • Informative

    Provide science and space content that informs all age groups and creates a world-class educational environment

  • Enabling

    Support the Kingdom’s talent to unlock their full potential by equipping them with all required skills to advance the space sector

  • Inclusive

    Reach every resident of the Kingdom with comprehensive initiatives that advance the knowledge of space science

  • Interactive

    Increase engagement of the Kingdom’s youth in all areas of space science

Student Consultant Committee for “AJYAL Space” Program

When was the Student Consultant Committee for AJYAL Space program established and what are its goals?

The Student Consultant Committee enriches AJYAL Space and aims to spread awareness and motivation.

According to the directives of HRH Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Space Commission (SSC), AJYAL Space Program established the Student Consultant Committee in January of 2020. The committee includes students of varying academic grade-levels and allows them to take part in enriching AJYAL Space program in the following areas:

  • Working to spread awareness and motivate other students to participate in specialized programs, exhibitions and forums. 
  • Identifying obstacles facing students in the field of space sciences and submitting ideas and proposals to resolve these obstacles

Who are the members of the Student Consultant Committee?

The members are gifted and talented students with special interest in Space Sciences.

The members of the first consultant committee for the year (2020) were chosen for AJYAL Space program in cooperation with Mawhiba,  based on the memorandum of understanding between Saudi Space Commission (SSC) and Mawhiba. There are twelve members representing students from all academic levels, from primary students up to secondary and university students, all united by their gift and passion for Space Sciences.  The formation of this committee has made SSC the first official body to involve gifted youth from various regions of the Kingdom in an official consulting capacity. 

Meet Our Consultant Committee 2020

Nesreen Alhammad
10 years old
Abdulrahman AlHunaihin
10 years old
Sarah Alsulaim
13 years old
Abdulrahman Alghusson
14 years old
Kayan Almajhad
15 years old
Abdulrahman Taha
16 years old
Woud AlSadoun
18 years old
Yousef AlRabiah
18 years old
Arwa Alabdulkarim
18 years old
Mohammed Fadag
19 years old
Mohmmad Alfaifi
20 years old